Craig Cavileer and Ed Roski (from Majestic Realty) unveiled an idea for a massive project for UNLV today that included a new stadium and an integrated village that would account for over 300 acres being redeveloped. As the plans stand right now, the village would consist of:

– The stadium, which could seat up to 40,000 and could be utilized for football and basketball games among other events
– 3,000+ units of on-campus housing
– 600,000 sq. ft. of retail space (restaurants to hotels to coffee shops)
– Parking for 15,000+

As a current UNLV student, I am excited at the prospect although I stand no chance of seeing it before I graduate. I have a great love for our city and the school, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that we lack a “true” university atmosphere and experience. This would be a great boon to our school and would certainly help establish UNLV’s legitimacy as a college.

Now might be the time to start looking at some of the real estate around the area and what is available… if a project like this actually takes off, there is a huge upside potential for the area.

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