I have developed 5.5 tenets to my customer philosophy… I strive to live by these and deliver them to my customers every day. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I have fallen short at times, but no matter how good I get I believe there will always be room for improvement!

1. Honor my customers by always doing what is right

I have always lived by the idea that I should always be proud of my actions… that if what I was doing when nobody was looking were to be published in the paper, I wouldn’t be embarrassed. This has meant correcting errors that would most likely be over looked to delivering bad news as soon as I know it so my customer has the opportunity to adjust their plans if necessary. Ultimately, it comes down to the “Golden Rule” – I treat my customers like I would expect to be treated.

2. Provide more than is expected

This has been a key to building customer loyalty… do what is expected and then a little bit more. This is often as simple as anticipating the next step so my customer doesn’t need to ask.

3. Never take business for granted

I appreciate every piece of business I receive… I know that my customers have a choice and I am honored when they choose me.

4. Put my customer’s success ahead of my own

When my customers are successful, I will be successful. This may mean turning down attractive opportunities when I know that there is a better option than myself. I believe that customers value the honesty and develop more trust as a result.

5. Offer solutions not problems (what I can do vs. what I can’t do)

I personally have a strong aversion to being told I can’t do something… I know my customers feel the same way. I strive to always deliver a message of what I can accomplish, not what I can’t do.

5.5 Be human!

I believe customers want to feel like they are dealing with another human being, not a robot that can only recite rules and procedures. I strive to develop warm personal relationships based on mutual trust and understanding.

Let me ask you this:

Are there any tenet’s that are missing? What do you see as being most important as a customer?