Anyone who has lived here for any period of time, knows that Las Vegas is a double edged sword. You can make a fortune in an instant, and los it just as quickly. With the relatively mild, enjoyable winters comes the unbearably hot summers.

Las Vegas ranks among the top markets in the US for distressed property, but the silver lining to that dark cloud is that we are also among the most active in sales. Read more in the recent In Business Las Vegas article here.

Yes, the Las Vegas market grew too fast, built projects that should never have been built, and overextended itself in more ways than one, but there is still a great opportunity for future growth and the fact that there are still buyers should instill some confidence. That can be hard to remember after riding the highs of the boom.

As I discussed in a previous post, we seem to have dodged the tsunami of distress that everyone had been so afraid of.