It would seem that there is some sort of curse on the Sahara and Las Vegas Blvd. intersection… the Sahara Hotel and Casino has announced that it is closing it’s door in May adding to the list of closed, incomplete, and/or struggling projects. The incomplete (and likely to be demolished if not properly sealed soon) Fontainebleau resides just to the south along with a struggling Riviera that was just purchased out of bankruptcy. Just to the north is the Ivanka Trump project that never went further than painting a building a horrible combination of black and pink. To the west, a prime piece of corner real estate is still vacant.

The closing of the Sahara should not come as a surprise to anyone. It has struggled for years and has been desperate for a renovation or redevelopment. Rumors have been floating around for well over 10 years that a closure was imminent.

All that being said, this area will be ripe with opportunity when development starts to make sense again. This is the one section of the Las Vegas strip that is left to develop and will be directly in the path of progress.