For anyone that missed the article in the Las Vegas Sun yesterday:

Tony Hsieh’s Vision for Downtown Las Vegas

As mentioned in previous posts here and here, the Zappos deal is having an impact on the future of downtown Las Vegas. Having a visionary like Tony Hsieh playing part in actively recruiting tech businesses to downtown Las Vegas will not only play a part in aiding the redevelopment of the area, but will also help bring the much needed diversity that our Las Vegas economy needs.

I am incredibly excited to see these changes taking place. As I have said before, there are many people who have been involved in laying a foundation for the downtown area, but it hasn’t seem to hit a “critical mass.” I believe that the Zappos move is the tipping point to really begin moving things in the right direction.

In addition, with Carolyn Goodman showing a strong lead for Mayor, we should be able to count on the vision that Oscar laid out to be continued.